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Clavicle Brace with Buckle, Child

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Clavicle Brace with Buckle is scientifically designed to immobilize, compress and ensure linear union of fractures involving the clavicle bone. It is used where neither neuro vascular disturbances are severe, nor surgery is required.

Linear union
No loosening with time
No abrasion, no rash
Comfortable auxiliary padding
Salient feature

Claw buckles
Easy to apply.
No loosening with time.
Ethafoam Buckle pad
Ensures protection from buckle injury.
Improves comfort of the patient.
Soft PU foam padding
Ensures No underarm rash.
Improves comfort of the patient.
Improves compliance of the product.
Figure of eight design with lateral vector
Ensures linear union of the clavicle bone.
Allows the required movement of the area with perfect immobilization of the clavicle bone.
Easy application and tightening of the product.


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