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Breast Prosthesis Featherlite

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An artificial breast that gives the appearance, feel, touch, softness, of a real breast. It is extra light, needed after the mastectomy surgery when the body is weak and the area tender. Made from polymers to mimic breast tissue and skin.

Soft fabric cover
1. Gentle to the skin
2. Aesthetically pleasing
3. Natural skin color
4. High quality workmanship
5. Mimics the natural breast in size, shape and form
6. Restoring original anatomy, restores self-esteem
7. Reduces low back and cervical muscle strain

High Quality Material
1. Mimics natural breast in softness, feel and look
2. Extremely light in weight
3. 7 size options for perfect match
4. Highly inert material
5. High shear strength

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