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HAMILTON‑H900 Advanced Humidification

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Description of the HAMILTON-H900. Advanced Humidification
HAMILTON H900 humidifier offers active humidification for children, adults, and even your most delicate patients. We provide a unique heated breathing circuit with a removable, unheated extension that can use with the incubator set of HAMILTON-H900 breathing circuits with heater wires integrated into the wall of courses. It eliminates the cold interface between the heated gas and the ambient temperature. The constant warming of the gas path to the patient aids in maintaining the temperature at a certain level and improves the patient’s physiological state.
The features of HAMILTON H900. Features of HAMILTON. Advanced Humidification:
Only three simple steps. Two, one, and three.
Our breathing circuits can use for easy, quick installation. Without any cables to join, you can simply.
Then, slide the water chamber into the humidifier.
Attach the circuit for breathing to the patient as well as the ventilator.
* Connect a source of water to the chamber for water.

No extra cables. The temperature probe, as well as the heater wires.
The breathing circuits have an integrated temperature probe and heater wires connected automatically following installation. Connectors will help you save both energy and time. It will help you save on damaged temperature probes and cables.
HAMILTON H900 breathing circuit sets include heating wires built into the circuit’s wall. It eliminates the cold connection between the heated gas and the ambient temperature
The consistent warming of the gas path to the patient aids in maintaining an appropriate temperature and optimizes the patient’s physiological condition.
It’s up to you. Manual or automatic adjustment of settings
* You can adjust the chamber’s temperature at exit and gradient manually, or you can use our auto mode specially designed using default settings that to every therapy
Everything is in an eye—a user interfacing with that is intuitive and ergonomic.
The complete information, including the settings and associated monitoring values, is displayed at the top. It’s optional to browse through menus.
The temperature settings are readily available as well.
Remote access. Controls of the humidifier and its status.
Utilizing the ventilator connectivity feature, you can manage the humidifier on your Hamilton Medical ventilator. The humidifier works in the background so that you can concentrate on your patients.
All controls, monitoring parameters, and alarms are accessible, as well as the ability to set them to suit your needs using the display on the ventilator.
The monitoring of humidity is fully integrated into the patient data management systems.
* If used in conjunction with a ventilator compatible with it, the humidifier will automatically choose the mode of humidification (invasive noninvasive, invasive, or High-flow nasal cannula therapy) following the chosen ventilation method or
Therapy mode


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