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Wizard 520 Full Face Mask

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Brand – Wellell Taiwan

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Maintain effectiveness of breathing treatment for sleep disorders throughout the night – Improve the experience and results for open-mouth sleepers.

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) affects more than 1.3 billion people worldwide, and countries with the highest prevalence report that more than 50% of their population suffers from poor quality of life. lower due to OSA. 1   Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a widely prescribed treatment to treat sleep-disordered breathing, but long-term compliance depends on comfort and fit to the user’s face during sleep. More than half of nasal mask users report side effects, including air pressure leaks, dry mouth, and airway irritation.

Full face masks are a feasible option for users who breathe through their mouth and nose while properly maintaining CPAP treatment. 2   The comfortable, user-friendly design of the WiZARD 520 allows users to take their daily CPAP treatment without noise or stress, allowing them to sleep peacefully and soundly all night long.

Comfort and care for open-mouth sleepers

  • The 3D sculpted harness, made from breathable, elastic and soft fabric, allows easy adjustment of tightness and positioning.
  • The ergonomic pillow fits comfortably over the mouth and nose, providing a reliable pressure environment perfect for open-mouth sleepers.
  • The mask’s patented ventilation technology regulates exhalation pressure to eliminate noise for calm, soothing therapy.
  • Detachable parts and easy-release straps minimize the effort and hassle of maintenance, cleaning and storage.
  • The swivel elbow (joint between the mask and the tube) with a 360° range of motion allows users to sleep freely without obstruction.
  • The elastic harness gives users the freedom to perform therapy sessions without interrupting their daily routine.
  • The ergonomic cushion fitted over the nose and mouth maintains a comfortable humidity level all night long for better sleep quality.
  • The flexible tubes and low noise level provide users with a distraction-free environment to comfortably reposition themselves and drift off to sleep.
  • The compact size, simple assembly and effortless storage make it easy to travel and maintain on the road.


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