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ViVest PowerBeat AED X1

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PowerBeat AED X1
1.The real “”mobile”” device
Smart and compact, makes the device more adaptable on a fixed place, and more reliable on the mobile terminal.

2.Accurate diagnosis, clear display
Color tutorials increase the reliability of the intuitive operation of rescuer, and the content of voice prompts further guarantees the life safety of patients.

3.””Smart”” management in the operation center
Power-on self-test program and platform-based intelligent data management help managers remote control.

4.Integrating technology and aesthetics
The grass-green color scheme shows the vitality of life, which can arouse social attention.

Product Highlights
Simple one-key operation.

The color pictures clearly guide the use steps.

The child/adult mode switch, saving lives safely.

Status indicator light, you can know the condition of the machine without turning it on.

“”APDS”” defibrillation electrodes are pre-installed in the bag.

Comply with AHA2020 cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.

MOH Approved Product

Product Model: Power Beat X1


Adult/Children Model:Yes (One Key switch)

Display:Black & White

Protection grade:IP 55

Daily self check:Yes

Battery Life:5 yrs


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