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UNO+ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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Product Brand – Genadyne

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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressing to promote wound healing in acute or chronic wounds. As well as an absorbent dressing regime, the UNO system also has an integrated 70ml canister, which enables the system to easily manage exudate on both low and moderately exuding wounds.

  • Lightweight – only 400grams
  • Small – 7.6cm x 11.2cm x 6cm – easily and discreetly carried by the patient
  • Pump cover – for additional discretion and ease of wear ability
  • Therapy treatment time: Each pump provides 15 days of effective therapy plus one ‘grace day’
  • 2 modes of operation: Continuous – at either 125mmHg or 80mmHg                                                                      Variable – at either 80mmHg/30mmHg or 125mmHg/30mmHg
  • Simple – press just 3 buttons to start and select the required therapy the clinician desires
  • 4 alarm settings: Leak, canister full, blockage and battery low – you can be confident that the UNO system is providing optimal therapy at all times, with no ‘downtime’ where the system is not operating effectively


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