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TOPRO Taurus E Premium Walker
TOPRO Taurus E Premium Walker
TOPRO Taurus E Premium Walker

TOPRO Taurus E Premium Walker

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The Taurus E is a well designed and functional walker which maintains good support of the upper body. High enough for tall users (up to 2.10 m), the Taurus E features electric height adjustment for easy use. The Premium model might serve as support while rising up due to easy operation from the handles (please note: it is not a patient lifter).

Two levels of equipment: Basic and Premium.

Both models are available with adjustable arm pads and foot brakes. The Premium model is delivered fully assembled with adjustable handles, driving and parking brake on the handles and the opportunity to lock the swing (directional block).

TÜV approved according to EN ISO 11199-3 (standard for walking aids, walkers), IEC 60601-1 (electrical safety) and IEC 60601-2 (electromagnetic compatibility) and is guaranteed free for faults and defects for 2 years (exempt are damage caused by incorrect use or parts exposed to natural wear and tear).

TOPRO Taurus is also available with hydraulic adjustment of height. See TOPRO Taurus H for more information.

Easily visible red button for height adjustment which can be connected to external height adjustment panel (supplementary equipment).
Adjustable distance between forearm supports.
Easy to read height scale and an electric motor to make the height adjustment very user friendly.
Central column provides easy access for nursing staff.
Maximum width on table is only 66 cm.
12.5 cm diameter wheels ensure the Taurus E is large enough to climb carpet edges, door thresholds etc., but small enough to reach under beds.
Slim design with steady legs ensures a safe walker.
Foot brakes on all four wheels.
Driving and parking brake easily operated from the handles.
Handles can be adjusted forward and sideways for best fit for the user.
Locking the swivel (directional block of the rear wheels) is possible and can easily be activated with the foot.
Recommended user height 140–210 cm
Maximum weight of user 150 kg
Height of forearm supports 865–1360 mm
Width between forearm supports 340–470 mm
Length forearm supports 340 mm
Maximum product length 780 mm
Maximum product width 660 mm
Handles Adjustable
Diameter handles 35 mm
Driving and parking brake on the handles Yes
Diameter turning circle 910 mm
Diameter wheels 125 mm
Width wheels 31 mm
Parking brakes (foot brakes) Yes (All wheels)
Directional block Yes
Assembled Yes
Product weight 22 kg
Area of use Indoors


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