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Suction Machine Ca-Mi Italy New Askir 230 / 12V BR

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Brand: Ca-mi Italy

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  • NEW ASKIR 230 / 12V BR is an electric aspirator for oral, nasal, and tracheal aspiration of body fluids in adults or children.
  • It can work with three types of power supply: with supplied AC / DC power supply, with internal power supply (12V 4A Pb battery), or with car cigarette lighter cable (12V).
  • The device is equipped with an acoustic alarm and visual indication (LED) for the indication of the battery status and is equipped with a vacuum gauge (mmHg and kPa) and a vacuum regulator.

Accessories Included:

  • Autoclavable vessel with overflow valve
  • 6×10 Autoclavable Silicone Tubes + Conical Connector ø 8-9-10 mm
  • Antibacterial and hydrophobic filter
  • CH20 cannula
  • Universal Power Supply
  • 12V car cable

Technical Features:

Engine Dry piston pump
Supply 14 V continuous at 4A with AD / DC power supply (input; 100-240 V 50/60 Hz-1.5 A) or internal power supply (12 V 4A PB battery) or with car cable
ISO 10079-1 Classification High vacuum / Low flow
Suction Max -0.75 Bar -75 KPa -563 mmHg
Current consumption 4 A
Operation Continuous
Battery autonomy 80 min
Charging time 240 min
Weight 3.5 Kg
Dimensions 35x21x18 cm
Degree of protection IP21


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