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Suction Machine Ca-Mi Italy ASKIR 36BR Suction Pump

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Brand: Ca-mi Italy

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  • ASKIR 36BR is a portable suction unit for the aspiration of body liquids, oral, nasal, and tracheal aspiration in adults or children.
  • For professional use and with a powerful aspiration of max 36 l/min, ASKIR 36BR is lightweight for easy transport.
  • Three different options for operation: AC/DC adapter, rechargeable battery, and 12V make it a versatile suction unit approved for NON-STOP operation without overheating.
  • Provided with visual and acoustic alarm indicating low battery level, the main unit is also equipped with vacuum-meter (bar & kPa) and vacuum regulator.
  • Carries IP21 degree of protection, while configuration complying with EN 60601-1-11 “for use in the home healthcare environment”.
  • High vacuum, up to -80kPa and high flow (36L/M)
  • Supplied with 1000ml autoclavable jar and can be converted to reusable 1000ml jar with disposable liners


·        Engine ·        Diaphragm pump

·        Supply

·        14V 4A with AC / DC power supply (input: 100-240V ~ – 50 / 60Hz – 100VA) supplied or internal power supply (12V 4A Pb battery) or with car cigarette lighter cable (12V 4A)
·        Absorbed power ·        4 A
·        ISO 10079-1 Classification ·        High vacuum / High flow
·        Max suction (adjustable) ·        -0.80 bar -80kPa – 600mmHg
·        Free airflow ·        36 l / min
·        Operation ·        Continuous
·        Noisiness ·        65.5 dBA (with vessel) / 68.5 dBA (without vessel)
·        Autonomy ·        60 min
·        Battery recharge time ·        240 minutes
·        Degree of protection ·        IP21
·        Weight ·        4.39 Kg
·        Dimensions ·        35x21x18 cm


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