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Romsons Trans Flow Infusion Set

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Specially Designed Vented Infusion Set. Made of transparent, clear medical grade polymer, it has an elastic long drip chamber. It comes with sharp spikes for more excellent glass and plastic bottles. The disc-type 15mm fluid filter is located at the bottom of the room to filter any particles within the I.V. fluid. They come with ultra-smooth, kink-resistant tubes to ensure unobstructed flow and an inert free-of-latex “Y” type injection port comprised of polyisoprene, an additional treatment dose. An efficient roller controller provides better flow control. They have fixed the Luer lock to ensure a secure connection to standard devices. Sterile disposable, non-pyrogenic, and each packed—Box of 25

Specially designed vented infusion set
Made from clear, transparent medical grade P.V.C and has a flexible drip chamber
Comes with a sharp spike for better penetration of glass/plastic bottles
Disc type fluid filter at the bottom of chamber filters any particulate matter in the I.V fluid
Provided with super smooth kink resistant tube for unobstructed flow
Provided with latex free “Y” type injection port made up of silicone for additional medication
Efficient roller controller ensures better flow control
Luer lock for secure connection to all standard devices
Flexible Drip Chamber
Efficient Roller Controller
Better Flow Control”


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