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ROMSONS Catheter Mount

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“The Catheter Mount is designed as a disposable adaptor that connects the tracheal tube to the anaesthetic breathing system. The Catheter Mount is an easy to use and versatile tool that helps keep your hands free, providing more room to attend to the patient.
Specialised catheter mount with double ports for specific application
Corrugated tube made up of medical grade PE offers durability and flexibility
Double flip top cap with seal having provision for both bronchoscopes as well as for suction catheters
Opening the first tab on the cap allows the introduction of a bronchoscope and opening the second tab allows for suctioning if required
Double swivel elbow with 15 mm I.D. / 22 mm O.D. connector fits all standard tracheal tubes
22 mm standard female connector is compatible with all breathing and ventilator circuits

Port type Diameter
Bronchoscopy 3.40mm
Suction 9.40mm

Catheter mount provides an appropriate connection to invasive airway equipment and respiration circuits. its twofold turn connector and adaptable tubing gives portability and adaptability to the patient finish of the circuit.

The catheter mount is mainly used as a mediator connection between the patient and the respiration system.

Catheter Mounts can be of immense value to provide additional length in the respiratory system in the event of need.

Meditech manufactured catheter mounts are compatible with all breathing and ventilator circuits. Catheter Mounts is linked between patients and breathing systems.

The catheter mount featuring two swivel connectors and flexible tubing offers mobility and flexibility for the patient’s end of the connection. The catheter mount functions to act as an intermediary link with the breathing apparatus and to connect the patient.

These tubes are made from a specific, flexible co-polymer.

They have a low compliance to the low dead space volume.

The catheter mount is equipped with a double-swivel connector and tubing that is flexible.


1. Can Cavilon spray be used on open wounds?

Ans: As it is non-stinging and non-cytotoxic, it can be used on open wounds.

2. What do you mean by Catheter mount?

Ans: It is a connection between the patient and the tubes from mechanical ventilation.

3. What is the use of a catheter mount?

Ans: It minimises the trauma on the trachea, also minimising breathing jerks.



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