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Polymem Shapes 5335 Dressing

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PolyMem Shapes Tube Dressing

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Ferris PolyMem Shapes Tube Dressing is designed and cut specifically to ensure maximum comfort for the patient with tube sites. It helps in situations where tube sites need regular care and inspection to prevent complications like irritation, inflammation, maceration, hypergranulation, and infection. The unique combination of a surfactant and glycerol contained in a flexible, soft foam dressing allows for optimal peri-tube skin management.

PolyMem Shapes Tube Dressing Key Points

Absorbs secretions
Helps clean peri-stomal area, for easier manual cleansing
Provides comfort with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects
Gentle, non-fibrous and non-adherent for use on the most delicate skin
Supports rapid healing of damaged skin
Easy for patients to use
REF NO : 5335
PACK : 15’S


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