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OA Knee Support (Neoprene)

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Code: J 08
Sizes Available: S / M / L / XL / XXL

OA Knee Support (Neoprene) is scientificaly designed to provide counter force to correct varus or valgus thrust along with some offloading action. It helps to allay pain within a few weeks of use. It can also correct mild to medium varus/ valgus deformity of the knee with a prolonged use.

  • Easy application.
  • Perfect lateral splinting.
  • Controlled four way compression
  • Simple mechanism for counterforce
  • Neoprene provides therapeutic warmth


Salient feature

  • Lateral Elasticized band
    • Provides counter force to correct varus or valgus thrust
    • Allay’s pain in osteoarthritis of knee.
    • Corects mild to medium vaurs or valgus deformity on prolonged use
  • Rigid Bi axial hinge
    • Good offloading action.
    • Free flexion movement.
    • Mimics the natural knee joint
    • Support the cruciate ligament at all flexion angels.
  • Neoprene layer bonded with nylon fabric on both sides
    • Four way stretch ability and compression.
    • Appealing aesthetics with color fastness.
    • Better body heat retention.
    • Faster pain relief and healing.
  • Anterior opening design.
    • Easy application and removal.
    • Good for even swollen or asymmetric knees.
    • Easy for geriatric patients.
    • It allows customized compression, not possible in tubular products.
  • Anti tourniquet bands
    • Ensures no construction to blood flow
    • Better grip of the product to the body.
  • Anatomical shape
    • Ensures good grip around the knee.
    • No bunching on knee bending.
Size Inchces CM
Small 14.7-17.2 37-43
Medium 17.2-19.6 43-49
Large 19.6-22 49-55
XL 22-24.4 55-61
XXL 24.4-26.8 61-67

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Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL


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