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Nutricia Flocare Infinity Pack Set

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Flocare Infinity Pack Set description:

Flocare Infinity Pack sets enable the connection between an ENFit feeding tube and feeding reservoirs with a cross port (ENPlus) connection.

Key features:

  • Max 24 hours usage
  • Single patient usage
  • The internal diameter for the tubing is 2,7mm for Flocare Infinity Pack Sets and Flocare Infinity Pack Mobile sets). 3.9 mm for Flocare Gravity sets
  • Medication port is located 40 cm from the end of the set (for Flocare Pack and Gravity sets). 9 cm for Flocare Pack Mobile sets


Main Materials:

Medical grade PVC tubing, Latex-free, DEHP-free


A ENPlus connector (cross spike) with dustcap
B Drip chamber
C Infinity pump insert
D Medication port stopcock ENFit
E Female ENFit connector with dustcap


Additional information

Selecting the best connection for your patient means choosing the most appropriate, and the safest, connection. Ideally this connection will have no (or a limited number of) adapters; this avoids confusion, improves safety and produces the lowest number of waste products.



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