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Nellcor™ Bedside SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System

6,000.00 AED

The Nellcor bedside SpO2 patient monitoring system incorporates the latest Nellcor digital signal processing technology for accurate, reliable readings even during low perfusion and other forms of signal interference, providing clinicians with access to the most critical information regarding their patients’ respiratory status.

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COVIDIEN Nellcor Tabletop Pulse Oximeter
You can monitor with confidence.
Nellcor(tm) sleep-side oxygen monitor system for patients incorporates the most recent Nellcor(tm) electronic signal processing that provides accurate and reliable readings, even in the presence of low perfusion and other signals, providing health professionals with the most crucial information regarding their patient’s respiratory health.

With enhanced features, including Continuous monitoring of the pulse rate, SpO2 levels, and frequency data that are trending and SatSeconds alarm monitoring, The clinician has the information they require to spot respiratory problems earlier and intervene earlier.

Screens with multicolor displays that have black backgrounds for contrast
Backup audible alarm
A multi-language graphic user interface designed to accommodate many different users
Trend memory of 96 hours, with data, gathered every 4 seconds
Distinctive digital signal processing technology
Simple, simple operation with space-saving design
Shows the plethysmographic waveforms pulse amplitude, as well as the current SpO2 measured, as well as pulse speed
Compact, Reasonable & Instinctive.

The Nellcor(tm) bedside SpO2 patient monitoring device has an elegant design, enhanced features, a built-in hand, and a user-friendly and easy-to-read user interface, making it easier for doctors to view and download vital patient information.

With its cutting-edge features, high-tech technology, and small footprint, this user-friendly patient monitor helps healthcare professionals reduce time and space.

A variable pitch tone that allows clinicians to listen to point-by-point variations of SpO2.
Trend data of patients can be saved on PCs for archive and analysis.
A simple Jog dial allows easy navigation and control of the system’s display and monitoring functions.
Help messages on the screen assist in the use of the display.
Biomedical technicians and engineers can efficiently establish institutional defaults, swiftly change the batteries, conduct diagnostics to identify issues with performance, and generally keep the monitor running within the institution.

SpO2 1% to 100%
Pulse rate 20 to 250 beats per minute
Pulse amplitude: 0.03% to 20%
Battery capacity Minimum of five hours using new, fully charged battery with no alarms
Weight 1.6 kg”


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