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MOLNLYCKE Mepilex Border Lite

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“The design includes Safetac which is clinically demonstrated to minimise damage to the wound and skin at removal. By sealing the wound margins, dressings with Safetac help prevent maceration. With less damage to the wound and skin, pain at dressing change is minimised.

Mepilex Border Lite is a thin all-in-one foam dressing for low-exuding wounds. You can use it for chronic wounds and acute healing wounds such as traumatic wounds. The low-profile design is conformable, making it a suitable wound dressing for difficult-to-dress areas such as the feet. Your patients can wear it in the shower.


Thin and conformable to dress wounds on feet and toes, hands and fingers
Dressings with Safetac minimise pain and damage at dressing changes

Keeps the dressing in place – ideal for situations where a greater degree of security or a longer wear period is required. Seals off water while dressing remains intact.
Simple to apply Spoke delivery system permits simple, precise safe application.
Keeps the moisture balance in check The unique multi-layer design offers high absorption and excellent breathability which reduces the possibility of maceration.
Flexible and conformable – Soft and flexible foam molds to the body’s contours.
Effectively seals the wound Thin film backing stops strikethrough and shields against the external bacterial and virus. *In vitro testing indicates that the film’s transparent properties provide an anti-virus barrier 27 nm or greater, while the dressing stays in place without leakage.
Does not adhere to wounds minimizes the disruption of healing tissue
Film backing stops strikethrough, and also protects against viruses and bacteria from the outside. In vitro tests show that the film’s transparent backing provides protection against viruses 27 nm or larger , and the dressing is not affected by leakage.
Film backing blocks strikethrough and shields against the external bacterial and virus threats.* *In vitro testing has shown that the film’s transparency creates a barrier against viruses with a diameter of 27 nm or greater, and the dressing is able to remain intact with no loss of fluid
Suggested Applications
It is recommended to use it as a secondary or primary dressing for full and partial thickness dermal injuries, such as;

Pressure ulcers
Venous leg ulcers
First – and second-degree burns
Donor websites
Arterial ulcers
Tears of the skin
Box of 10’s, Box of 5’s

10 × 10 CM, 15 × 15 CM, 4 × 5 CM, 5 × 12.5 CM, 7.5 × 7.5 CM”

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Box of 10's, Box of 5's


10 × 10 CM, 15 × 15 CM, 4 × 5 CM, 5 × 12.5 CM, 7.5 × 7.5 CM


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