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Molnlycke Exufiber Ag+

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“ANTIMICROBIAL GELLING FIBRE DRESSING. Gelling fiber dressing with silver. Exufiber Ag+ with Hydrolock technology is a sterile non-woven gelling fibre design with an antimicrobial action against a broad range of wound relevant pathogens.

When Exufiber Ag+ comes into contact with wound exudate, it transforms into a gel. The gel helps support a moist wound healing environment. Thanks to its design, the dressing stays intact for clean, easy, one-piece removal. Exufiber Ag+ has a high absorption and retention capacity to provide a moist wound environment and has an ability to transfer fluid to a secondary dressing.

You can use Exufiber Ag+ in combination with Mepilex Border with Safetac.

Transfers fluid to the secondary dressing
Superior fluid retention capacity*
Stays intact for clean, easy, one-piece removal
Start to kill microbes rapidly, 3 hours and has a sustained antimicrobial effect for up to 7 days
Kills a broad range of pathogens including VRE, MRSA
Can be left in place for up to 7 days depending on condition of the wound and surrounding skin, or as indicated by accepted clinical practice
‘When comparing lab test results for retention under pressure with Aquacel Ag Extra.

When to use Exufiber Ag+ :

Exufiber Ag+ is intended to be used on medium to highly-exuding wounds. It’s suitable for leg and foot ulcers, including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, donor sites, partial thickness burns, malignant wounds and dermal lesions. Exufiber Ag+ may be used under compression.

Hydrolock technology:

Superior fluid retention – Exufiber Ag+ with Hydrolock technology is designed for highly-exuding wounds. Exufiber Ag+ is made of a different synthetic material than conventional fibre dressings. Hydrolock technology packs the dressing fibres tightly, leaving less space for fluid to flow freely. This enables superior fluid retention – compared to other gelling fibre dressings – and reduces the risk of leakage, protecting skin against maceration.

Product details:

603420 Exufiber Ag+ 2×45 cm 5
603421 Exufiber Ag+ 5×5 cm 10
603423 Exufiber Ag+ 15×15 cm 10
603425 Exufiber Ag+ 10×10 cm 10

Box of 10’s, Box of 5’s

603420, 603421, 603423, 603425”

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Box of 10's, Box of 5's

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603420, 603421, 603423, 603425


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