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MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube with SECURE-LOK*

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The MICKEY Low Profile Gastrostomy feeding tube Kit, including Bolus Extension, G tube Is a medical device that delivers nutritional support to those unable to consume food and swallow normally. The kit comes with the gastrostomy tube with a low profile that goes via the stomach wall into the stomach and an extension set for the bolus, which permits the administration of small quantities of liquid nutrition in a single time. This tube for feeding is generally utilized for long-term nutrition support in patients with medical illnesses like neurological conditions as well as cancer of the neck and head or severe trauma.
The MIC-KEY* gastrostomy with a low-profile feeding tube can be described as a kind of tube used to supply food to people who cannot consume food or swallow correctly. This Secure-Lok® system provides a security feature that prevents accidental dislodgement from the tube. The tube is inserted through the abdomen and then into the stomach to supply nutrients directly to the stomach. This feeding tube is commonly utilized for long-term food intake and for those suffering from ailments like neurologic conditions or cancer.
MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Gastrostomy Tube with SECUR-LOK (CE) is discrete and easily concealed, making it a perfect tube to feed almost everyone. It has a high-clarity medical-grade silicone material designed to be easily visible and covered. It also has an inflatable retention balloon inside and a patent-pending universal connector to ensure tube longevity and prevent accidental disconnects.

Avanos Medical, the pioneer in developing the first balloon-retained tube for gastrostomy feeding, offers a variety of high-quality, innovative enteral feeding tubes and other accessories specifically made to deliver nutrients and medications to children as adults.

Product Features
Kit Parts Microkey• Low-Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tubing The Insertion of Stylet (US Only) water-soluble Lubricant (US Only) Continuous Feed Extension set, 12 inches Bolus Feed Extension Set, 12 inch Bolus Feed Extension Kit 12 inches Six millilitres Luer Slip Syringe 35ml Syringe for Enteral Feeding Gauze Pad.
Easy to hide
The limited interference with clothing
Various sizes available
Medical-grade silicone construction
Natural rubber, latex-free
Low-profile design


14 FR, 16 FR, 18 FR, 20 FR, 22 FR, 24 FR

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14 FR, 16 FR, 18 FR, 20 FR, 22 FR, 24 FR


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