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LOWENSTEIN CARA Nasal Mask thoroughly modern nasal and full face masks in the CARA family satisfy patient requirements for a perfect fit, great wearing comfort, gentle, quiet exhalation and good skin compatibility. Our successful CARA masks win over fans with their lightness, the soft, supple mask cushion, adjustable headgear, an excellent fit and other clever details. CARA offers the right solution to nearly every mask wearer.

LOWENSTEIN CARA Nasal Mask Features:

Very soft and supple mask cushion in three sizes
Quiet exhalation system with diffuse flow does not disturb sleep
Nasal Mask Color-coded headgear simplifies assembly
Upper headgear can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for any head size
Quick-release cord allows rapid removal of mask in an emergency
Ball-and-socket joint gives patient complete freedom of movement
Specifications of LOWENSTEIN CARA Nasal Mask:

Dimensions (W x H x D) 72 x 112 x 70 mm (Size XS)
72 x 117 x 70 mm (Size S/M)

72 x 118 x 70 mm (Size M/L)

Weight 58 g (Size XS)
59 g (Size S/M)

60g (Size L/M)

Therapy pressure 4 hPa – 30 hPa
Temperature range
• Operation

• Storage

+5 °C to +40 °C

-20 °C to +70 °C

Flow resistance
• at 50 l/min

• at 100 l/min

0.2 hPa

0.9 hPa

Service life Up to 12 months
Why do I need a humidifier for my CPAP?
As per the American Sleep Apnea Association, you are more likely to experience an irritated or dry airway and even nosebleeds (epistaxis) in the following situations:

You reside in a dry climate
You are more than 60 year older (5x greater chance)
You are taking medication that can dry your sinuses (6x more likely)
Humidification has been shown to increase CPAP compliance
Through warming and moistening the air that you breathe, humidification helps reduce dry throat and nasal passages and helps keep your mouth closed when you rest. A humidifier can help improve the comfort of your sleep.

Studies have shown that CPAP compliance is improved when humidification that is heated is utilised in conjunction with therapy. This is likely due to a decrease in irritation as well as feeling more fresh when you wake up.


1.Do CPAP machines have built-in humidifiers?

Ans- There are two different types of humidifiers: built-in and external. Built-in humidifiers are part of the CPAP machine.

2.What is the difference between CPAP and Auto CPAP?

Ans- While CPAP delivers one continuous pressure level of air, APAP automatically adjusts to meet each specific person’s breathing needs, which often change throughout the night as we move in and out of different stages of sleep.

3.Is a CPAP humidifier necessary?

Ans- CPAP machines are usable without a humidifier or water chamber. The machine will continue to disperse dry air to your mask. If you are in a humid environment, you may find that a humidifier is not necessary.

4.What are the top three CPAP machines?

Ans- ResMed, BMC, Lowenstein

5.Are APAP machines better than CPAP?

Ans- A CPAP machine may be adequate if your breathing patterns do not change much throughout the night or with changes in position. APAPs are often better than CPAPs because they can detect subtle changes in your sleep behaviour and sleep positions that require different pressure settings.”


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