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Karma Power Wheelchair KP 80 Ergo Standing
Karma Power Wheelchair KP 80 Ergo Standing
Karma Power Wheelchair KP 80 Ergo Standing
Karma Power Wheelchair KP 80 Ergo Standing

Karma Power Wheelchair KP 80 Ergo Standing

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Karma Power Wheelchair KP 80 Ergo Standing
The Ergo Stand (KP-80) is a compact and fully powered standing wheelchair designed for your budget. The front-wheel-drive provides agile control for the chair to navigate indoor and outdoor environment. It comes with the innovative S-Ergo seat and a wide range of power backrest angle adjustment.
The Health Benefits of Standing
Effectively enhances body circulation and preserves physical health.
Reduces muscular fibrosis and arthrofibrosis.
Enhances physical circulation improves heart and lung functions and promotes gastrointestinal movement.
Lowers the risk of heart disease, improves circulation, urinary health, bowel function, and bone density.
Power Backrest Recline
The power-recline function provides a wide angle adjustment of 80 to 120 degree with excellent back support. In the reclined position, the user can redistribute the weight on the buttocks and reposition his or her body to increase comfort.
Adjustable Flip-Back Armrests
The height of the armrest is adjustable. A proper armrest height is helpful to relieve loads on the neck, shoulders, and arms and to alleviate stress on the back. The flip-back feature makes it easy to get on and off the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk.
Knee Support
Knee support is adjustbale in height, depth, width, and angle of the knee pad.
Adjustable Seat Dimension
The Ergo Stand offers various adjustability. The seat depth can be adjusted from 45 to 51 cm.The seat width can be configured from 40 to 48 cm. The footplate height can be adjusted with 7 levels.
Product Model Ergo Stand (KP-80)
Nominal seat width 400 / 435 / 470
Front x Rear wheel size (in) 12.5 x 6
Maximum user weight 135
Total mass (kg) 92


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