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Karma Power Wheelchair KP 45.5 Saber
Karma Power Wheelchair KP 45.5 Saber
Karma Power Wheelchair KP 45.5 Saber
Karma Power Wheelchair KP 45.5 Saber

Karma Power Wheelchair KP 45.5 Saber

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Karma Power Wheelchair KP 45.5 Saber 20 inch

In the winter of 2004, a Korean man traversed the United States, from Los Angeles to New York, covering a total of 17 states and 10,000 km in five months. He completed this remarkable journey by driving a Saber (KP-45.5).

The Saber is known for its robustness and endurance. The latest Saber (KP-45.5) maintains its outstanding performance and is upgraded with ISR suspension. It is the best companion for an explorer

Independent Suspension Response (ISR)
Allows the absorbers to accurately predict and avoid road shock, significantly improving stability and comfort.

Road tested around Taiwan to ensure its durability
The Saber is the only wheelchair road tested in real-world conditions for over 1,000 km. In addition to its outstanding road performance, it passed over 6,000 drop tests, further attesting to its unparalleled structural integrity.

Simple and Sleek
The streamlined design gives Saber a fresh new look. Furthermore, the precision-made accessories with water-resistant design and the water-release tread tires help prevent watery silt from being picked up from road surfaces.

Flip-back Armrests with Locking Mechanism
Make it easier to transfer in and out of the chair.

LED Lighting Control System
Energy efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly, LED lighting enhances nighttime driving safety.

Optional Power Tilt and Recline Function

Provide superior pressure relief and postural support.

Product Name KP-45.5 KP-45.5T KP-45.5TR
Nominal seat width (mm) 460 480 480 480
Front x Rear wheel size (in) 9 x 16
Maximum user weight (kg) 135
Total mass (kg) 106.8 (50Ah) 105.7 (50Ah) 116.5 116.5
130.2 (80Ah) 129.1 (80Ah)
Maximum speed forward (km) 13
Drive range (km) 40 (50Ah) / 64 (80Ah) 40 (50Ah) / 64 (80Ah) 40 40
Motor power (W) 400
Battery capacity (Ah) 50*2 / 80*2 50*2 / 80*2 50*2 50*2
Battery Compartment (L x W x H) (mm) 340 x 200 x 160


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