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Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat

Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat

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Karma Power Morgan Sling Seat
EXCELLENT INDOOR/ OUTDOOR MANEUVERABILITY. The Morgan Sling is a high-performance mid-wheel drive power base wheelchair that provides excellent ride comfort. Its compact frame design makes it a good choice for everyday use. The seat is highly adjustable and offers power positioning modules, which makes the chair ideal for rental programs or personal use.

Indoor Maneuverability
The Morgan’s turning radius is only 64 cm with a total width of just 60 cm. Smooth and easy to navigate, this chair moves effortlessly through doorways, into lifts, or around confined spaces.

Outdoor Performance
The chair comes equipped with six wheel independent suspension and powerful motors for superior handling over rough terrain.

Compatible with 2 Power Positioning Modular
The MGN-SLN-T model offers a power tilt seating system that uses the Tilt-in-Space function to tilt the chair from 0° to 23°. Tilting the body back will shift weight to the user’s back thus shifting pressure away from the hipbones and redistributing it over a larger surface area. This feature helps reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers and avoid back pain.

Modular Power Recline
The MGN-SLN-R model provides a power recline seating system that offers the ability to recline the backrest from 0° to 32°. This allows the users to stretch their hip joints and relax the back muscles. The two power functions can be implemented individually or in conjunction with each other on a sling seat.

Adjustable Seat Depth and Angle
The Morgan Sling seat offers various adjustability. The seat depth can be adjusted from 41 cm to 46 cm. The backrest can be angled from -1° to 11°.

Contour Adjustable Headrest
The height and angle of the headrest are both adjustable. The headrest is ergonomically curved according to the shape of the neck.

Full Range of Leg / Foot Support Options
Articulating legrest extends in length as it is elevated to provide optimal comfort and support. Amputee footrest is height, angle, and depth adjustable for perfect support. 90-degree Legrest & Adjustable Footplate – The footplate can be set to multiple different positions and angles. Angle Adjustable Footplate – The footplate can be angled from 70° to 110°.

LED Lighting System
It is important for the wheelchair user to see as well as be seen at night. To improve safety, the Morgan is equipped with headlights and taillights for better night-time visibility.

Product Name MORGAN Sling Seat(with pelvic belt)
Seat Width (mm) 430 480
Seat Depth (mm) 410/430/460mm(16/17/18inch)
Armrest 180mm ~280mm (the range of
Height (mm) adjustable height is 100mm )
Suspension 6 Wheels Suspension

Max. Speed (km) 6 km / h (Germany) / 10 km / h / 12km/h
Max Driving Range (km) 25
Overall Length (w/ legrest)* Width* Height 1150mm *600mm *1300mm(with headrest)
Max. User Weight (kg) 140
Weight 116
w/ Batteries (kg)
Weight 86
w/o Batteries (kg)


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