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Hill-Rom Centuries P750 with NP50 Presuure Prevention Foam Mattress

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Hill-Rom Centuries P750 with NP50 Presuure Prevention Foam Mattress

For healthcare organizations
worldwide, it is of vital importance
to provide a care environment that
is safe, efficient and comfortable.
To meet the increasingly high demands of the modern
healthcare facility, hospital beds need to fulfill a variety of
essential functions, whilst also offering protection to both
patients and their caregivers.
Healthcare organizations that invest in reliable equipment
can also help to reduce their exposure to costly accidents
and avoid potential litigation. Hillrom is proud to offer
the Centuris bed, designed specifically to offer optimal
value by incorporating essential features, without
sacrificing quality.
The Centuris bed meets the most recent international
regulatory requirement IEC/EN 60601-2-52 concerning the
basic safety and essential performance of hospital beds
for adults, therefore satisfies the requirements for safety,
reliability and usability.


Safer bed entry and exit

The stability and ergonomic design of the
Centuris bed’s split side rails facilitate safer
bed entry and exit. Stable support is provided
during bed exit via an ergonomically-placed
side egress grip handle.
The side rails feature a smooth and fast selflowering mechanism with dampening system that
can be set in motion with one hand, using the quick
and easy one-step release. The side rails lower
without disturbing the patient.
Immediate headboard removal allows instant access
to a patient’s head for emergency procedures such
The Centuris bed is designed to reduce the as intubation.
risks associated with patient entrapment
and falls by ensuring maximum compatibility
between the bed, mattress and side rails, as
well as accessories such as IV poles
Patient safety is greatly enhanced and proven
through compliance with international safety
standards IEC/EN 60601-2-52.
Patient safety is a major concern for every caregiver.
The Centuris bed’s numerous features and ergonomic design help
provide safer patient mobility and caregiver ease-of-use.
Safer bed entry and exit Access patients instantly
Minimized risk of entrapment


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