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HAMILTON‑BC8010 ‑ Infant Dual Limb Breathing Set

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The HAMILTON-BC8010 breathing set is intended to be used together with compatible Hamilton Medical respiratory gas humidifiers during invasive and noninvasive mechanical ventilation of pediatric and neonatal patients.
You can only use the HAMILTON-BC8010 breathing circuit set (PN 260185) with the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier. For an overview of the breathing circuit set and its components.
FOR VENTILATOR HAMILTON‑C1/C1 neo/T1/T1 Military/C2/C3/C6/G5/S1/H900
2 inspiratory patient inspiratory limb (blue): 130 cm / 30 cm
Expiratory limb (white): 160 cm
Ventilator inspiratory limb (blue): 60 cm

GTIN 07630002800846
SHELF LIFE 5 years
Pre‑assembled, heated breathing circuit with water chamber, incubator extension, temperature probe, and all‑in‑one connector. For HAMILTON‑H900 only. For patients up to 15 kg.

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