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Gordon Ellis Straight Ashby Grab Bar – 18 Inch

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Product Brand: Gordon Ellis

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Gordon Ellis Straight Ashby Grab Bar – 18 Inch
Blue Ashby Grab Bars were created for those with Dementia-related visual recognition issues. Red is a colour associated with alert and attracts attention. Therefore by using highly visible, high contrast colours, it enables the user to recognise and understand their environment – boosting their confidence and independence. We make this product in a deep blue colour which is still highly visible and high contrast against the white bathroom suite.

The angled rail gives support for the forearm, giving added leverage and support when rising. This also helps those unable to take full strain through their hand. The straight rail can be installed vertically or horizontally, on its own or in a combination, for steadying or transfer. If the rail is mounted vertically it will assist in pulling up to standing, or if mounted horizontally it will assist in pushing up and for general mobility.

Each rail has ribs and a light texture to provide extra grip even when wet and, unlike metal rails, it will be warm to the touch. The all-plastic construction is durable in use and has very strong fixing points. It is recognised that grab rails are subject to strong pulls and sudden tugs, therefore it is essential that they are fitted competently, according to the instructions.

Color : Blue
Size : 18inch straight


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