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Garcia Heavy Duty Shower Board for Elderly

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Product Brand: Garcia

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Garcia Heavy Duty Shower Board for Elderly
Support device to stay seated during the bath or shower. Helps people with disabilities or reduced mobility to perform toilet functions. This bathtub table allows lateral access to the bathtub in an easy and comfortable way. It provides security when sitting in the bathtub and grants greater autonomy during the execution of the bath.

Recommended Use:
The person sits on the widest end of the bathtub table, which should be installed on the outside.
With a small turn, it is attached to the handle that must be installed on the inside.
The legs are inserted into the bathtub comfortably and safely.
To get out of the bathtub, follow the same process in reverse.
Technical Characteristics
Polypropylene board and handle
Fits bathtubs from 43 to 68 cm wide
It incorporates a handle to increase user safety.
Product size: 73 x 35.5 x 10cm
Product Net Weight: 3.75 Kg
Maximum supported weight: 130 Kg


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