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FreeStyle Libre Sensor

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FreeStyle Libre Sensor
The FreeStyle Libre sensor continuously measures your glucose levels, all day and night, without the need for finger pricking1. Can wear this tiny, discrete and water-resistant2 sensor on the upper arm. It can last 14 days when you bathe, shower, exercise, or swim.

Check your glucose levels without the painful three-finger poking.
It is important to note that the FreeStyle Libre system does not analyze blood glucose levels but instead analyzes interstitial fluid glucose. A thin yet flexible fibre is placed around 5 millimetres under the skin.
You can wear the FreeStyle Libre sensor for up to 14 days.
Values are accurate by the second for as long as 14 days without needing finger pricking.
Accurate reports
Simple reports allow you to monitor glucose progress during exercise, meals or even sleeping. Improved diabetes management is achievable through this method.
It is easy to share glucose information
glucose data is available to share with your family, caregivers, or health team by using LibreView4 and LibreLink4 app. LibreLink5 along with the LibreLinkUp applications6.
Begin by using FreeStyle Libre. FreeStyle Libre system in 3 simple actions:
Apply the sensor: The FreeStyle Libre sensors are placed on the upper arm’s back using a basic, disposable device known as an applicator. Thin, flexible and sterile fibre is placed beneath the skin after the sensor is placed. It is secured with a small pad of adhesive.
SCAN SENSOR: To take an accurate glucose reading, do an easy, painless 1-second scan of your app across the sensor. The scan provides more details than the monitoring from strip strips of blood glucose without the requirement for finger punctures.
Read More: Every scan of the sensor will give the present glucose level, the past 8 hours of history for glucose, and a trending graph that shows if glucose levels are changing in a downward or upward direction or changing slowly.


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