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Etac Supporter toilet arm supports

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Stable toilet arm supports mounted directly on the toilet

Supporter arm supports are foldable and have comfortable rounded hand grips. With its neat design, Supporter blends naturally into the bathroom.

Supporter is simple to mount without the need for any tools. It fits both floor and wall mounted toilets. If space around the toilet is limited, Supporter can be used with only one arm support.


Stable grip

The arm support has a round shape to give a stable grip when standing up.

Seat with large opening

The shape of the seat is ergonomic and comfortable while offering the best accessibility as it has a large opening.

Spacious and safe sitting

The shape of the armrest and attachment provides good support, while providing plenty of space without any risk of pinching.

Clean and smooth surfaces with safety in mind

Supporter has clean surfaces. The attachment has security features made orange for visibility.


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