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Defibrillator Monitor AV-360D

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Defibrillation: Manual defibrillation modes include synchronous cardio version and asynchronous defibrillation.

Pacing: Having on-demand pacing and fixed pacing mode, for patients with cardiac arrest and acute severe slow arrhythmia, in vitro non-invasive pacing mode is rapid, easy to master, time-saving and improve recovery success rate.

Monitor: 5-lead ECG monitoring as standard, optional monitoring functions include SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, EtCO2 and IBP are also available for continuous monitoring of patient vital signs.

AED:The model applies patented analysis algorithm and automated analysis as well as convenient setting to guide clinical emergency personnel in providing defibrillation and basic life support.


With manual, automatic, power-on self-test function, ensure application at anytime.
Support 240 minutes of AED voice recording storage, the recording of each patient can be saved up to 60 minutes.
80mm thermal printer, waveforms are more clear and accurate.
Anti-shock and anti-fall, sturdy and durable. With IP44 Ingress protection, AV-360D avoids the penetration of liquid and can be applied in complexly outdoor environment.
Large-capacity lithium battery, support fast charging and more than 420 times of maximum discharges, satisfy clinical requirements.

Medical Supplies & Equipment Type: Heart Rate
Color Name: White
Model Number: AV-360D
Medical Supplies & Equipment Brand: Aveus


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