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Convatec Natura Ostomy Pouch Closed (416409) 57mm, 30pcs/box

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Convatec Natura Ostomy Closed Pouch
The Natura two-piece ostomy system provides versatility and can be removed or interchanged with other pouch types without removal of the skin barrier/wafer. Closed-end pouches are designed for one-time usage, which makes them ideal for everyday use, special occasions or for intimate moments. Eliminates the need to manipulate a tail closure and empty a pouch. Designed with a filter to reduce odor and gas build-up.

Charcoal filter allows for release of gas.
Audible clicking of flange confirms secure connection.
Fabric-like double-sided comfort panels.
Closed-end design eliminates need for tail-clip and emptying.
PACKING: 30pcs/box”


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