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Convatec ESENTA Sting Free Adhesive Remover Wipes

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Brand: ConvaTec

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Convatec ESENTA Sting Free Adhesive Remover Wipes are a medical adhesive remover that can be used with ostomy bags and wafers, condom catheters, and wound dressings. The 100% silicone formula is not made with natural rubber latex and is latex-free. ESENTA quickly removes all adhesive residue so your skin is left feeling silky and smooth with no sticky adhesive left behind. Removing medical devices without adhesive remover can cause skin stripping as well as skin damage. By using adhesive remover, you are not causing damage which compounds over time which can cause ostomy systems to not seal correctly and that can impact wear time.

Convatec ESENTA Sting Free Adhesive Remover Wipes can be used with a colostomy, ileostomy, and/or urostomy. This product works for senstive skin and can be used on the skin surrounding the stoma. Perfect for sensitive skin, the sting free formula is alcohol free and will not cause pain when used during wound care changes, ostomy bag changes, or condom catheter changes.

    How to Use ESENTA Sting Free Adhesive Remover Wipes

  • Tear open sachet to open and unfold wipe
  • Rub the wipe over the area that has adhesive residues to remove
  • ESENTA dries in seconds
  • Once dried ESENTA Adhesive Remover will not affect adhesion of further dressings or appliances.

  • For fast and pain free adhesive release
  • Can be used with ostomy bags, condom catheters, wound dressings
  • Helps stop painful skin stripping and damage to the skin
  • Quickly removes all adhesive residue
  • CHG compatible
  • 100% silicone, latex-free
  • Each wipe has 3 mL of adhesive remover
  • Box of 30


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