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COMEN – ECG Machine 12 Channel with Interpretation

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The COMEN ECG Machine 12 Channel with Interpretation is a medical device used to perform electrocardiograms (ECGs), which measure the electrical activity of the heart. The machine has 12 channels, which allows for more detailed and accurate readings of the heart’s electrical activity. The interpretation feature means that the device can analyze the ECG readings and provide a diagnosis or diagnosis suggestion. It is primarily used in hospitals and clinics to diagnose and monitor heart conditions.

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An Comen ECG machine with 12 channels is a medical device used to record the heart’s electrical activity. It typically has 12 leads, which are small adhesive electrodes placed on the chest, arms, and legs to pick up the electrical signals generated by the heart. These signals are then amplified, filtered, and displayed on a screen or printed on paper, allowing a healthcare professional to analyze the heart’s rhythm and detect any abnormalities. 12-channel ECG machines are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices to diagnose and monitor heart conditions.

The Comen CM 1200 folding 12.1″ touchscreen provides multiple angles of viewing. Touch screen and handwriting pen make it easy to manage the operation and offer faster data input. Comen CM1200 has an interface that supports various languages and different sizes of recording papers that you can choose. The sophisticated recording calibration system will eliminate ECG paper jams and paper deflection issues. Furthermore, CM1200 can provide paper-free reports and long-distance diagnostics using cutting-edge technology. It is very only a 12-channel, standard ECG machine.

* 8.4-inch (resolution 800 600) TFT color display touchscreen

* Operation and input in several languages. Such as English, Spanish, Polish, etc

* Support preview before printing

12-lead acquisition, recording, and amplifying 12ECG waveforms simultaneously. Full-floating layout and digital all the way.

A 1:1 proportion of LCD screen waveforms, as well as output waveforms. Net-grid is positioned on the screen to help in observing

* 120 seconds 12-lead waveforms recordable

” Measurement and Interpretation

* There are up to 122 kinds of arrhythmias analyzed

* Manual/Auto/Rhythm working modes selectable

* Big Button Design, Individual Alphanumeric keyboard

DC Power Supply that is integrated Li-ion battery that will provide continuous operation for up to 2 hours

10.000 ECGs are recorded and reviewed. It can expand the internal memory through USB and send data over the internet port.

Different printout formats allow 210mm, 216mm Z-fold, and Roller papers. It can clearly and accurately track the lead of 12 charges, which have not been compressed. ECG waveform leads information markers, the sensitivity of the paper patient data, the interpretive report, and many more.

* Patient File

* Print Preview

* Leads Connection

* Multi-language patient information Input

* Patient Information Input

* Waveform Replay

If ECGs have been employed,
The ECG test is commonly used alongside other tests to monitor and diagnose heart health conditions.

It’s a method used to detect the indications of heart problems, for example, the sensation of chest pain and the feeling of pulses (suddenly evident heartbeats), chest pain, dizziness, or breath shortness.

An ECG can help in detecting these:

A heartbeat can be irregular. It happens when the heartbeat becomes more rapid, slower, or unusual.
Heart disease is caused by coronary when the heart’s blood supply is blocked or cut off by the accumulation of fat-rich substances.
Heart attacks are caused by blood flow to your heart that suddenly stops working.
Cardiomyopathy is the name used to describe the heart’s walls becoming thicker and expanding.
ECGs can also be recorded to track those diagnosed with a heart condition or taking medication that could alter their heart.

What’s what is an ECG that is conducted?
There are many ways through which ECG is carried out. The most common method is to connect tiny sensors and electrodes to your legs, arms, and chest. They’re joined by cables that be connected to the ECG recorder.

There is no need to alter anything to make yourself ready to take the exam. You can eat the usual food and drinks before going through the exam.

If you have electrodes linked, it’s common to get your clothes off. The chest area could need to be cleaned or shaved. If electrodes are placed inside the chest area, you could be provided with a hospital gown to safeguard your body.

The procedure usually takes just a short amount of time. Then, you’ll be allowed to leave the hospital shortly after that or return to the hospital if you’re being held in an institutional setting.”


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