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Bromed Adult Diapers (12’s)

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“Bromed adult diapers are incontinence products designed for adults who have difficulty controlling their bladder or bowel movements. These diapers are typically a soft and absorbent material that can hold large amounts of liquid. They may also have additional features such as wetness indicators, odour control, and leakage barriers to provide extra protection. They are by people of all ages and are often by older adults, people with medical conditions or those with mobility issues are using this product.
Netted channel for faster liquid absorption.
Smooth and soft surface
Standing leak guard to ensure the best security
Full-frontal refastening tape.
Anti-bacterial absorbent inner layer traps fluid
and odour for drier skin.
Product Specifications
Safety Measures:

1. Avoid any contact between tapes and skin.

2. Don’t drop the diaper in the bowl of your toilet.

3. Change your diaper at the proper time.

4. Cleanse and refresh the skin.

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