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Brio Combination Therapy System

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Product Name: Brio Combination Therapy Product Code : 28000 Brio Combination is a Multi-channel Electrotherapy device…… One point solution to your complete electrotherapy treatment. Single unit, multiple treatment at one go, two independent channel stimulations and one channel ultrasound of 1 Mhz, 3 Mhz and Dynamic Large colour touch screen Library for Clinical Pathology – A convenient and comprehensive treatment guide for you. Anatomy Library – Extensive Anatomical library that illustrates wide variety of pathologies. Ultrasound Therapy Ultrasound watch Dog feature, to make sure that every treatment is precise. Back Light Graphic LCD Display. Frequencies : 1 Mhz, 3 Mhz & Dynamic from single applicator. Clinical library: 25 programs. Treatment Head : 5 cm2 Electrotherapy All major currents including 4 pole, Vectors (40% & 100%),2 pole, TENS, Russian, interrupted galvanic, Faradic,Iontophoresis, NMES, HVPC & Trabert SD Curve Anti accommodation mode for uniform treatment experience COMBINATION THERAPY Combination of Ultrasound and Electrotherapy will save time and provide effective treatment on pain and tissue repair in less time.


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