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AVEUS AV-CT100 EtcO2 Monitor – Capnometer

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AVEUS AV-CT100 EtcO2 Monitor of the gas measurement module is based on the principle of characteristic absorption of non-dispersive infrared light of specific wavelengths by gas molecules. Using infrared light to project gas in the respiratory airway and use infrared detectors to detect the infrared light absorption of the gas in the airway. Then through specific hardware circuits and algorithms to get the end-breathing gas concentration, inhaled gas concentration, respiration rate, and other related parameters. The module uses dual-channel optical acquisition to improve the reliability of the system and uses a variety of compensation techniques. For example, atmospheric pressure and temperature compensation, etc to improve the accuracy of gas concentration measurement.

  • Automatic air pressure, temperature, manual anesthetic gas compensation
  • Light weight High precision The system work time up to 40000 hours.
  • DB9 interface and RS232 Serial interface
  • System response time is less than 1s
  • Just plug in and use
  • Product: EtcO2 Monitor
  • Brand: Aveus
  • Model: AV-CT100
  • Color: Blue


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