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Resmed BIPAP Machine

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BIPAP Machine Resmed BIPAP Machine.


The same innovative technology and stylish design that ResMed has become famous for

A built-in heated humidifier, eliminating the need to purchase or store bulky humidifier attachments. Instead, you can easily receive the benefits of heated and moistened treatment without the mess, hassle, or problems found in other commercially available CPAP machines

AN automatic seal leak detection feature that will begin recorded critical data in the event of a leak while signaling an alarm via its colorful LCD display to notify you of the leak

A bright and full-color LCD display screen allowing you to adjust settings with ease

The Easy-Breathe function automatically adjusts pressure throughout your therapy session to provide the lowest amount of effective pressure while still allowing you to breathe easily and stay asleep throughout the night. The function provides lower pressure during exhalation in order to not disrupt your sleep or interrupt your natural breathing cycle

The ability to record, store, and view critical data collected during nightly therapy sessions so you can be sure that your treatment is being as effective as it possibly can

Innovative Smart Stop and Smart Start technology, simply put on your mask and begin breathing to turn on your machine while turning it off by simply taking off the mask


• Better sleep quality
• Reduced snoring
• Decreased daytime sleepiness/fatigue
• Improved focus
• Better moods
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduced risk of serious medical conditions
• Generally, works better than CPAP for patients with high-pressure settings.


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